A downloadable game for Windows

Prototype for "My First Jam" (didn't make it to submission) and my first game ever attempted.

Nudty warrning I guess.

You play a naked guy or girl, both of which only have a leaf covering their crouch. Your job is to move about the city making your way back to your business, all the while collecting your clothing, which are scattered all about and that you can't put on yet cause a weird thing you can't get past.


Jim/Jill Anyperson is a successful CEO of Business, but thanks to reasons, he/she finds him/her-self in a dumpster, all naked save for a convenient and supernaturally immovable leaf/leaves covering his/her private parts. "A strange and unfortunate situation I have found myself in." Thought Jim/Jill; "I better find the proper authorities and explain my situation to them, so I may receive help to remedy it." but as he/she approached a police officer, they reacted by freaking their shit and calling for a public emergency about this nude person; before Jim/Jill could try to calm them down, they began to try to beat and/or arrest him/her; with the authorities out of the question, Jim/Jill thought they better find their cloths fast to get things back to normal, besides it was wacky tie Tuesday at work and boy howdy do they got a tie that is just a hoot.

Made withLÖVE
Tags2D, Comedy, LÖVE, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Download the Zip file; extract or open the zip; open the "NudiePatootie" folder and run "NudiePatootie.exe"

Don't forget to read the "Read Me" file


NudiePatootie.zip 2 MB

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